Conscious Subconscious

Vivid lucid dreams

Aware of unawareness

Bring light to shadows

Take control of your vision

The mind director

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

The Lamp in The Shadows

Presence without sight

The deep rooted inner light

Awareness shines bright

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Shadows & Mirrors

Burning lamps kiss the air tenderly
A soft whisper that whimpers gently
is lost in the echoes of the room

There is a broken wind that sporadically
gusts with a sharp yet controlled howl

Along the hall stands a grey weather
beaten figure, who glares into a dimly lit

The pale face that stares back, hag-ridden
and dazed, numb with guilt now

The shadows linger for a while, but
reflections, they never fade

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Nosferatu Domini

Revival of spirit
Elixir of youth spills into my veins
Lather my soul in the red fountain

Bathe in crimson velvet
Refill the cup
Remain forever

Dine beneath the moon's veil
Drink until the flames escape the night
Slumber through the day

When dusk returns for the banquet
Come greet your guests, invite them in to play.

Copyright © 2022 Gareth David Ogilvie