Schrödinger’s Telescope

Mind bending vision

Seeing things from a new view

Altered state of life

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

The Lamp in The Shadows

Presence without sight

The deep rooted inner light

Awareness shines bright

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Sticky Label

Note to self -
Who do you think you are?
What makes you tick?
Why so glib with your remarks?...

Do you see what I see?
Are you connected to my senses?
Or do you live in a separate dimension?

Deranged and estranged entanglement.
If you are me then what am I?

I glare bewilderingly into my reflection,
and ask, who's this guy?

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

The Contaminated

Just recovered from my first bout of COVID after claiming to everyone I know that I must be immune to it. Well it finally caught up with me and gave me the most horrendous couple of weeks. I’ll keep my mouth shut next time, completely jinxed myself. This following haiku is quite apt…

Viral invader

Wreaks havoc for many days

Repair and restore

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

It Came Out That Way

Polishing my repertoire of 
entertaining scribbles

Organising bowls filled to the brim
with delectable nibbles

Filling a glass with poisonous mushrooms
They are quite safe - just toxic for the mind
(In the best possible way)

There's an echo delay
A man in a tin suit says "this is the way"

His little green friend comes out to play -
Queen "We are the champions"

Let's play some more songs
Make them our Anthems

We'll have a little dance
Pour some wine
On our bowls we shall dine

With all that said... everything should turn
out just fine... ... ...

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Headless Nomad

The breath-work begins

Thought machine floating in space

Where is my head now?

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Seeing The Feeling

They come and they go

Like memories made of sand

Like dust in the wind

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Less is more

Awareness of awareness

Hyper sensitive alertness

Mutliverse of consciousness

Unexplained senselessness

Discontented with contentedness

This makes no difference to all suchness

It is, and that's that, no need for exegesis

Already whole, complete with fullness

It's not necessary to question it's genesis

More or less... An egoical exodus

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie