Beginning Middle & End ( not necessarily in that order)

Dedicated mind

The result is the reward

Passion and hard work

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Conscious Subconscious

Vivid lucid dreams

Aware of unawareness

Bring light to shadows

Take control of your vision

The mind director

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

It Came Out That Way

Polishing my repertoire of 
entertaining scribbles

Organising bowls filled to the brim
with delectable nibbles

Filling a glass with poisonous mushrooms
They are quite safe - just toxic for the mind
(In the best possible way)

There's an echo delay
A man in a tin suit says "this is the way"

His little green friend comes out to play -
Queen "We are the champions"

Let's play some more songs
Make them our Anthems

We'll have a little dance
Pour some wine
On our bowls we shall dine

With all that said... everything should turn
out just fine... ... ...

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie


Reality bends 
Through the shattered lens

Sound distortion
Echoes shape contortion

Visionary mysticism
Colourful wisdom

Put the pieces back together
See now it looks alot better

Copyright © 2022 Gareth David Ogilvie