Paper Boat

Subtle shift in flow

Perceptions altered in state

Body calmly rests

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Conscious Subconscious

Vivid lucid dreams

Aware of unawareness

Bring light to shadows

Take control of your vision

The mind director

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Schrödinger’s Telescope

Mind bending vision

Seeing things from a new view

Altered state of life

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Less is more

Awareness of awareness

Hyper sensitive alertness

Mutliverse of consciousness

Unexplained senselessness

Discontented with contentedness

This makes no difference to all suchness

It is, and that's that, no need for exegesis

Already whole, complete with fullness

It's not necessary to question it's genesis

More or less... An egoical exodus

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Waiting Room

Am I dreaming that I'm awake?
A linear narrative that could be our mistake?

Dreaming of limitations,
Impossible lies and permutations

Invented physics,
Preposterous statistics

A conjured reality,
Living a life of triviality

Mental abnormality
An immortal deluding it has mortality?

Is this all just a massive trip?
A nurological momentary blip?

Has my sanity just given me the slip?!

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Clouded Vision

Faded clarity

Drifting out of wakefulness

Asleep whilst dreaming

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Mirror Maze

I can see my mind
Now it can see me
Together we both work
in perfect harmony...

I walk along these corridors
of madness 🙄
Lurking round every corner
a certain feeling of sadness 😰

I might stay in the gaps
between each hall
Wait a little longer until
someone kicks a ball

I'm distracted by it's intrusion
I thought I was the only one here
Now follows confusion
Who spins the lazy Susan? 🤔

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie