Beginning Middle & End ( not necessarily in that order)

Dedicated mind

The result is the reward

Passion and hard work

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

Conscious Subconscious

Vivid lucid dreams

Aware of unawareness

Bring light to shadows

Take control of your vision

The mind director

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie

The Producers

Blurred background needs refocusing
Bring attention to the foreground then widen your lens
Panoramic views in crystal HD
Field of vision expands
New horizons seen in 5D

Buy your ticket take the ride
Watch the show unfold
Screen projects from inside

Edited and remastered
Post production finalised
Personal demands exacted

Mind body and soul
- complete and redacted

Copyright © 2022 Gareth David Ogilvie

Momentary Lapse of Sanity

Self imposed madness
Leading to chronic sadness
Bewildering abstractness
(Of thought)

Harness this into creativity
Sporadic spontaneity
Turn yourself into a poetic deity
(Delusional talent)

Illusions come to life
Mental state put aside
In this flow I abide
(Breathe in count back from 5)

Pat yourself on the back and thank the universe you're alive.

Copyright © 2022 Gareth David Ogilvie

Painting Thoughts

I see words like equations
Patterns and iterations
Algebraic formulas that
produce characterisations

Regurgitating my mind
onto a blank canvas
Structuring rhyme
in the medium of stanzas

A pallette of phrases
Built up in carefully
selected stages
Brush of magic on all pages

Words of wisdom
Inspired by sages

Copyright © 2022 Gareth David Ogilvie