The Contaminated

Just recovered from my first bout of COVID after claiming to everyone I know that I must be immune to it. Well it finally caught up with me and gave me the most horrendous couple of weeks. I’ll keep my mouth shut next time, completely jinxed myself. This following haiku is quite apt…

Viral invader

Wreaks havoc for many days

Repair and restore

Copyright © 2023 Gareth David Ogilvie


  1. Well said. I, too, have endured the great Plague (late last year) and it was indeed horrendous. Hope you’re feeling normal now and avoid any long-covid symptoms!

    1. G D Ogilvie says:

      Yes, I’m feeling much more myself now thanks. Only time will tell if there’s any lingering long-covid. I sure hope not. Was quite the ordeal. Glad to be finally rid of it 😁

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