Extradimensional Examinators

Alien abduction is it a construction
Or is it an interruption - of imminent destruction

Light strobes then the probes
Interference of independence
Something is protruding,
soon it will be intruding

Is it a fabrication of our imagination
An abomination of pure fascination

Could it be real? Is it the real deal?

Men in black coming knocking to give us flack
With their suits and bowler hats,
and sinister chats

Do we call the authorities or will they lock us up
Have I lost alot of time? Has someone put something funny in my cup?

Will they come back in their flying contraption?
If so... Should I get ready for my extraction?...

Copyright © 2022 Gareth David Ogilvie

Has anyone out there ever had a close encounter?Or know of anyone who has? Whether or not these experiences are real, certainly for those who have experienced it, it was very real for them. What’s your opinion? Strong vivid hallucinations or some more terrifying and real? Genuinely fascinates me.


  1. They’re Vivid hallucinations in my opinion. The human mind is a funny thing, often seeing things that aren’t there. All it takes is a small cue to get the ball rolling.

    1. G D Ogilvie says:

      Yeah I agree with you there, there are certain cases though that just make the stomach churn. Have you read about the case of Travis Walton the lumber jack who went missing for five days?

      1. No, can’t say I know much about 👽 the topic, but his story sounds intriguing. I’ll look it up.

      2. G D Ogilvie says:

        Please do, there’s a film ‘loosley’ based on the account called ‘fire in the sky’

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